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We are a local team penning club in Albany, Oregon, dedicated to providing penning practice for our local team penners.

Our practices are held on Monday nights at the Linn County Expo Center throughout the winter – September to June.

 Practice Dates:

5 practices until year end. You only need to be a Member by April 30,2017 to pen in our year -end celebration . Members need to attend 10 practices to be in the Drawpot at the year-end penning and be a member by April 30th.

Check out the attendance tab to see how many times you have ridden at a practice.

Warm up starts at 5:30pm penning starts at 7pm



  • _ 1st

  • _ 8th

  • _ 15th

  • _ 23rd Tuesday

  • _ 30th Tuesday


    . _11th  Sunday ..Year End Penning


Board meeting

Albany Sizzlers 6:30 pm

May  17, 2017