We are a local team penning club in Albany, Oregon, dedicated to providing penning practice for our local team penners.

Our practices are held on Tuesday nights at the Linn County Expo Center throughout the winter – September to June.

The fair grounds has winterized and the outside faucets are turned off.  The warmup arena has water and is open until 8pm. Please plan on getting water for your horses before then or bring some with you.  You can try getting water from the restrooms but that is slow and hard.


 No alcohol at our practices or sponsored events.


The price for a each rider on a team this year will be $13. They will get two goes.  We have raised the price $1 so we can have the arena worked 1 more time for the safety of the rider and their horses.



Penning Dates: Days have been moved to Tuesdays this season due to more available dates for the club

Warm up at 5:30 pm and penning starts at 7pm


    ._Feb. 6, 13,

  •  Feb 24 Saturday Branton Arena

    ._Mar. 6, 13,

  • March 24 Branton Arena

    ._Apr. 3, 10, 17, 24,

    ._May  1, 8, 22, 29,

    ._June  5 New Date added.

    ._June  16  Year end


Board meeting:

Albany Sizzler 6:30 Albany, Oregon

January 24, 2018 (new date)

February 21,2018

March 21,2018

April 18,2018

May 16,2018 General Membership Meeting